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Letters to the Editor: August 30, 2017




Liberty over party

Not very many people have seen the controversy in the small town of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and even fewer in Oklahoma probably care about it at this point. However, that is a mistake. The fight that the Adorers of the Blood of Christ have taken up is the same fight that many Oklahoma landowners have.

This small community of nuns is standing up to Williams Companies as Williams tries to use government force to steal land owned by their religious order. The government is claiming eminent domain and telling these sisters that they have to violate their religious convictions because big government’s crony, Williams Cos, wants to build a pipeline there. It matters not to Williams or to big government that these sisters said an emphatic “No!” It matters not to Williams or to big government that the Catholic Church owns this land.

Big government, at the behest of “Big Oil,” is telling the Catholic Church how it may use its land for religious purposes and what religious doctrines it is allowed to espouse.

Now to bring this back to Oklahoman landowners: We have a state government that has made it illegal to say no when a fracking company comes calling. We have a state government that ignores the U.S. Constitution with impunity.

We have a state government that, regardless of if it is Democrats or Republicans in control, tramples over all Oklahomans for the benefit of its cronies at Chesapeake, Devon, Williams and many others.

Maybe it’s time to throw both of those parties out. Maybe it’s time to consider liberty.

David M. Stewart, chairman, North Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party Guthrie

Judeo-Christian-based Constitution

To Mr. Blaine T. Browne and all other suffering Trump haters (Opinion, Letters to the Editor, “Open letter,” July 12, Oklahoma Gazette). Now you know how we felt for the last eight years. Mr. retired professor of American history, I am glad I never sat under revisionist history indoctrination. I am also, as you say, “sincerely concerned about the security and future of our republic” and our Judeo-Christian-based Constitution. And I disagree with you. It is unfortunate that any such well-educated man would make so many false claims and use so many derogatory descriptive terms for the leader and protector of our freedoms. Congressmen Steve Russell, James Inhofe and James Lankford, like professor Browne, I also “hold you and your congressional colleagues responsible for ensuring that Mr. Trump and those in his administration are held accountable (my emphasis) for any transgressions of ethics or law and that appropriate investigative and/or criminal proceedings shall be undertaken without delay or obstruction.” I also hold them accountable for failure to make a clear effort to end Obamacare and drain the swamp.

Our nation will not survive much longer at the hands of self-serving politicians and contractors, anti-constitutionalists and ungodly judges.

Mike Moberly Oklahoma City

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