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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 31, 2014



American Islam and Christianity

The Oct. 8 article “Faith and fear” (News, Ben Felder, Oklahoma Gazette) at first struck me as more Islamic faith propaganda, but as I read, I realized that some of it might be true, or at least honest.

What should we expect from author Ben Felder, who is most likely not Muslim and probably a nominal Christian, if Christian at all?

That many American Muslims have allowed their faith to be diluted by the American flower-power philosophies of imaginary fairness, equality and coexistence is almost humorous but tragic.

If true Eastern national Muslim leaders could control our American culture through the enforcement of Sharia law, guess who would be on their hit list next after the evil Christians, homosexuals, pedophiles and women’s rights groups were all executed or “re-educated.”

You guess right: the nominal Muslims.

What is a nominal Muslim?

The same thing as a nominal Christian: a person called religious in name only, not completely (or remotely) obedient to their god/God or religious teachings.

Like American Christians, American Muslims water down their scriptural teaching to fit the American Dream culture so that all ungodliness or sin is permissible in their hedonistic American lifestyles.

Just to remind everyone, all gods seem to consider these sins: murder, adultery, theft, false witness, taking god’s name in vain or worshipping another god, pornography, rape, homosexual and other perverted acts, pedophilia and human-animal sex.

Most religions, especially Christians, also should consider drunkenness, gambling of all types, narcotics abuse and slavery to be sins.

True Jesus Christians also consider anger, pride, lust, envy, violence, discrimination and even materialism and laziness to be sins.

But this is all the good stuff of the American Dream culture and progressivism, at least since the 1960s.

The Muslim will never be allowed to trump the power of the corporation, the rich and the powerful.

If Muslims are hoping for an America where they can fully exercise and enjoy their permissive redefined Muslim lifestyles, they are really dreaming.

If the hedonistic American cultural/legal system ever allows that dual system to exist (coexist), America will have to assume a third-world status, and there will be no more “free market” or “free exercise” of anything.

Between the polarization of the Democratic and Republican parties/ philosophies — both of which are seriously flawed — and the successful efforts of our Muslim-minded “progressive” President Obama, we will get to that third-world, violent, tribal status sooner rather than later.

— Michael Moberly Mustang

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