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Letters to the Editor: July 8, 2015



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Fine writing

Your recent opinion piece (Commentary, “The blindness of privilege,” Jennifer Chancellor, June 24, Oklahoma Gazette) was an impressive bit of writing.

I would go so far as to encourage all of the newspaper’s readers to take it to heart.

And to heed the lessons in it.

Most of us fail to consider the advantages we may have been born with.

Certainly location in the suburbs is one. Having parents who encouraged education is another.

But there are others. Some may be more subtle than others.

Your opinion piece is well-written. It certainly sets out the benefits that privilege of place and birth can give to us. It fails, however, to consider one other matter.

The privilege that many of us have — even from birth —  carries real responsibilities.

Among those is to get past the sense that we made our way ourselves. Almost none of us can honestly say that we made our place ourselves, without the help of others.

Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffett acknowledge the assistance they received from parents and others as they achieved more success.

And assistance often comes from government and other public institutions.

It’s this assistance that we must acknowledge. And extend the same to others.

Thank you for your fine writing.

— Jerry Stephens


Logical fallacy

White privilege? (Commentary, “The blindness of privilege,” Jennifer Chancellor, June 24, Gazette)

1. Quit your job and have the Gazette hire a minority to take the job you abandoned.

2. You could dye your hair, get a hair weave and then a spray tan. Change your name. Instant incognegro. Get your job back.

Either walk the walk or keep your white guilt ass shut.

— Phillip DeSalvo

Oklahoma City


>> The June 17 story “Last laughs” (Life, Performing Arts, Gazette) incorrectly spelled a comedian’s name. It should be Cameron Buchholtz.

>> The cast photo for Oklahoma! (Life, Performing Arts, “Summer stars” June 10, Gazette) should be credited to photographer KO Rinearson.

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