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Letters to the Editor: June 11, 2014



Mean Jesus is one man’s interpretation

Congratulations, Reverend Robin Meyers (Commentary, “Oklahoma’s Mean Jesus,” May 7, Oklahoma Gazette).

You succeeded in maligning my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, the son of God, and offending me personally as one of those believers from “a lot of churches around here.”

I want to say that your “Mean Jesus” belongs only to you, students and all other sinners who reject the truths of scripture and the real person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our creator.

But I will agree, as the scripture says, that there are many who preach and teach a Jesus of their own definition and for their own personal and political purposes.

You aptly described and demonstrated what your “Mean Jesus” told us to watch out for in Matthew 7:15: “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

I would like to do as commanded by Ephesians 5, Titus 1 and many other scriptures: to exhort, reprove and correct your perverted concept of God’s Son, Jesus.

Capitalism, conservatism and Christian religion are not perfect.

They are good concepts perverted by American sinners: us. If I fail, you can call me mean, but don’t redefine and call my Savior mean.

God is unchanging, watching and listening to us all.

— Michael Moberly


Women’s progress highlighted in sexist way

I thought your article “Women, power” by Ben Felder (News, Gazette, May 21) was a disgrace. How is it that the first person he deemed qualified to speak on the suitability of female leaders was a man?

And how is it, in an article about the women who keep our city running, you only managed to focus on the fact that they were even there in the first place? The majority of the article was just a bunch of men patting each other’s backs for their ability to view women as competent.

Three of the four quotes by women in the article served only to further that back-patting, as they revealed nothing about the women themselves or their accomplishments.

The only quote that strays vaguely out of that realm is one that makes itself noteworthy only for the fact it was by a woman working in a field traditionally dominated by men.

— Elizabeth Sholar

Oklahoma City

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