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Letters to the Editor: June 18, 2014


God is always timely

Monumental offense (News; Brittany Pickering; August 28, 2013; Oklahoma Gazette) ... That’s a false description of challenging God’s word. I am neither a pastor, priest, monk, Jewish or any of these things, but I am a man who has probably broken every law God has placed up this world. And it has, without a doubt, one way or another, caused me to see me as I am and was, and change did come.

If God had wanted We the People to control our own destinies and the tools to get there, where does the ACLU get the idea that they’re bigger than God’s own words by you playing the roles of his disciples? To me, that’s extremely foolish and quite ignorant of being something you are not.

I read the story in the Aug. 28, 2013, Gazette just 10 months ago. God is one thing, our laws are something else. I guess you are kidding [about placing the 10 Commandments monument at the Oklahoma Capitol]. I take it God wrote those laws. There are only 10, yet we can’t even live with a few, and they are only common decency laws.

We are so bad that our cities have hundreds of laws. Our country has its share as well. And the state, I cannot even imagine. And the federal laws, they’re out of sight. And you’re squawking about laws of decency and it offends you to have God’s words of life to be placed where they could and should do some real good.

Then my question is clear. If God’s laws number only 10 and are supposedly the very foundation of the faiths you Christians and other faiths support and live by, why then do you find God’s word offensive to you, or where they’re placed, just as long as it does what the words encourage us as We the People should be doing but are not?

God allows us to do as we please, to learn, build, work, play, and we have, we seize, destroy, fight, kill, hurt, maim, rape, steal, lie and cheat, and the list goes on and on. Yes, we, in fact, should yell our heads off, not about the statue or the words on it. Just look into your mirror, and then yell and scream and cuss. It’s not God doing it; it’s us, We the People.

This story depicts how we truly are. I am no different, but I see it. I just have trouble being it.

I can just imagine the primitive days were super drastic, the uncertainty about everything, how to cope and all that goes with it all. But we’ve come a long, long, long way to where we are today. And to what? Just to do all those same things all over and with the same tools, speed and reason.

Sure, we need laws as a people, but first put God’s laws into effect and try harder to build from those. Don’t get me wrong; I am not holier than thou, but only a foolish person will not believe we were created and allowed to build our own paths. We’ve done great in some, good in others, but poor in many.

Squawking about what we’ve built from its conception and then verbally attacking what We the People have and must live by and have for thousands of years tells me We the People still have a lot to learn about ourselves before we can run our mouths about the things we ourselves do not understand or comprehend.

— Joe “Sarge” Nelson

Oklahoma City

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