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Letters to the Editor: May 14, 2014



We need real healthcare

Michael McCarthy (Commentary, Letters, March 25, Oklahoma Gazette) shows no knowledge of how the health insurance industry has performed in the past. They have been the epitome of waste and excessive profit. Private companies have had a 20-25 percent administrative cost basis, Medicare 5 percent. In the decade 2000-2010, your monthly premiums rose 125 percent while insurance industry profits increased fivefold. That is your money going to pay for no healthcare whatsoever.

Obamacare has some faults, but until now, health insurance companies did not have any requirement on how much of your premium dollars needed to be spent on actual healthcare. Nor did they need to cover previous medical conditions or act in many ways as if they cared what happened to you.

One of the principle jobs of government is to defend you from external enemies as well as unfair practices and policies perpetrated domestically by the more powerful and wealthy, against whom most of us have no chance without government regulation. He seems to forget that the USA is the federal government; without it, we would be independent, defenseless states with chaotic commerce and no defense against foreign powers.

Many Tea Partiers espouse opinions that show no loyalty to our country nor any evidence of patriotism. They could make a smaller government if they turned back all federal highway money, library and police/fire department grants, etc.

Living in Edmond, I thought for sure our wealthy, conservative city would decline the $17 million used to widen Covell Road and Kelly Avenue; however, it didn’t happen. The mass of selfish, self-centered, keep-all-I’ve-got Tea Party members are the furthest thing from what this country needs. After serving for 26 years in the military, I can only view this era as one of the saddest in U.S. history.

— Kenneth Wainner


Take, take, take

I loved Moore showing its true colors recently, but this letter is not about that.

I came from a different state where the revenues from timber extraction (natural resources) and sales tax actually go toward the infrastructure of the state and help the people living in that state to afford food because food purchases are not taxed.

Taxes on gas and other purchases go toward good roads without need of tolls and toward a lack of potholes. Taxes also go toward bus kiosks where users of public transport systems aren’t left standing in the rain or burning sun.

And citizens are taxed once, not twice, as here in Oklahoma, where you are taxed at the grocery and elsewhere and then pay income tax at the end of the year.

In the state where I came from, The Human Rights Commission is viable, and everyone got or could get health care, no matter their income.

What I mostly do not understand is how this state, with all of its gas and oil dollars, can’t do more for its citizens. Yes, I know about the food bank and other token things the gas and oil industry of this state has done to make themselves look good. (Let’s not discuss the quality of the food distributed.) But what about roads? (Texas had better farm-to-market roads when I lived there.) What about a bus system that protects its users from the elements everywhere, not just near places considered important? What about taxing citizens twice? What about really caring?

In my experienced estimation, this state doesn’t show that it cares about its citizens. Smoke and mirrors; token offerings. Nothing real from the powers that be who extract so much wealth from this state but just give tokens back.

— Mary McMinn

Oklahoma City

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