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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 11, 2015



Reality check?

Slow down there, David (Commentary, Letters, “Love story,” David R. Oliver, Oct. 28, Oklahoma Gazette). It looks like you missed a lot of pages in your love story.

Hillary Clinton may say she listens to you, but more than 600 times, she did not listen to her people in Libya, and the result was four dead Americans, including an ambassador. She also voted for the war in Iraq, as did others, but she worked for four years in the current administration as the Secretary of State, and they created the current foreign affairs mess; i.e. ISIS, just to name the biggest of her failures after Benghazi.

You do know that an awful lot of information online is biased and slanted, when it is not outright lies and propaganda, especially The New York Times? Which one of her mainstream cronies was wooing you? Sounds like MSNBC or CNN. Am I right?

Hillary just proved this past fortnight how cunning she can be in a congressional hearing, where she was under oath, with one of her lawyers seated behind her.

So, before you ask her to leave Bubba so you can propose to her, you need to dig a little deeper. She also has two mortgages with him, and they were broke when they left the White House, after all those Bill Clinton accomplishments, which she is now disavowing. At first, I thought you might be writing in jest, but love is sometimes strange.

— John W. Hilmes Oklahoma City


The forefathers using the phrase “endowed by their creator” to describe individual freedom is probably the most vitally important decision among the plethora of important decisions that they made in writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

They also declared that both documents are connected, not separate, which is equally vital. Whether you are a religious person or not, this phrase is paramount to your personal happiness and free existence.

The belief that individual rights are “God-given” means that they have been “endowed” to you by a higher power and, therefore, cannot be taken away, period. There is no leeway anywhere in this theology whatsoever, and that is paramount to its survival. It is the cornerstone to the “pursuit of happiness.” As long as it doesn’t infringe on others doing the same, it’s a “God-given” right, and herein lies the problem.

Progressive socialists, atheists, secularists and liberals (generally the same folks) are at odds with this theocracy based solely on their belief system. It has to go in order to achieve their particular goals. Statism is in direct conflict with the idea of untouchable and true freedom, and the examples are many.

Again, whether religious or not, when we go down that road of saying other than “endowed by their creator,” we are now saying that “man” is in the position to decide the issue and define the parameters as he/she sees fit. “Man” historically sucks at this. It usually means the most power-hungry, arrogant and ignorant among us are the most enthusiastic about taking the reins, i.e. progressive socialists. History has certainly been consistent and in that has never been a good thing. So religious or not, embrace the idea of “God-given” rights. It is the only sure, philosophically sound way of keeping them.

— Doug Rixmann Newalla

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