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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 14, 2015



Fungible facts

Nate Batchelder’s, director of The Peace House, endorsement of the despicable practices of Planned Parenthood (PP) is nonsensical, specious statistics according to me, Tom Furlong, director of the Victory House (Opinion, Commentary, “The right to choose,” Sept. 30, Oklahoma Gazette).

He doesn’t realize that dollars are fungible; any of my tax dollars directed to PP means that many more dollars that can finance an organization that kills more humans than heart disease, breast cancer and smoking combined.

If choice is the currency he adores, how about we let the baby in the womb have a choice.

— Tom Furlong Oklahoma City

Chicken-Fried hogwash

Inasmuch as you are a liberal paper and I, being a conservative, don’t agree with many of the articles but use the data to reinforce my viewpoint. I have penned letters expressing my disagreement, and you have published many of them. Because I was so stunned to read two articles in CFN (“Planned patriarchy” and “Security concerns,” Aug. 5, Gazette), both akin to the journalistic garbage spewed out by the likes of the Daily Kos and Media Matters, that I felt obligated to respond.

Except for the word “crusade,” the first sentence of “Planned patriarchy” is the only legitimate comment in the article. You allege that “a right-leaning group” has films that prove that Planned Parenthood (PP) harvests fetal tissue. And they do have said films, and they are horrific. You chide Sen. James Lankford’s Google search ability, but you can’t even locate these videos, nor find what has actually been proposed, nor find any facts except the debunked PP talking points.

Your hoplophobic rambling in CFN “Security concerns” is a non-sequitur conundrum of straw men. It goes from “conspiracy theorists” to “packing heat” to “security concerns” to an accidental shooting incident to “armed troops within the United States” to invading Texas. Is it real or a satire?

Then we get to the core element of this disingenuous article: “U.S. forces used to not carry guns when they are on military bases or not in combat because ‘Pentagon officials are sensitive to any appearance of armed troops within the United States.’” Perhaps those pencil-necked, Viagra-taking, egg-sucking, motherless, bumbling sycophantic bureaucrats have their heads so far up their collective anal orifices they need a Plexiglas bellybutton to see where they are going. And you concur with them. Why should we even consider allowing our military personnel to be able to protect themselves? After all, they are in gun-free zones, and everyone knows that works really well!

The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

— Pete Lepo Edmond


A Sept. 30 Chicken-Fried News story incorrectly quoted Youth Risk Behavior Survey statistics on teen birth rates in Oklahoma. The pregnancy rate should have read 42.9 pregnancies per thousand instead of 42.9 percent.

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