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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 14, 2016



Gone for good

I once lived in your great city.

Because of the terrible horrible Black Mass that Our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother will be terribly wounded and I will never come back to your city!!!

Betty Gillis North Ridgeville, Ohio


New car tags

I have come up with my own version of new tags for Oklahoma.

I recently vacationed in Estes Park, Colorado, at Rocky Mountain National Park. It does not surprise me that people from other states noticed my Oklahoma tag and started talking about the many earthquakes they have heard about in Oklahoma. It’s sad but true; we are recognized as the “earthquake state.”

I think my tag design tells the truth about Oklahoma: It depicts what our state now stands for to other states.

Bill Wietelman Guthrie

Coming up empty

Knowing well that The Oklahoman never prints a critical assessment of one of its published political cartoons, I nevertheless submit this with the satisfaction that at least others will know that The Oklahoman can’t successfully mislead all of the people all of the time.

Regarding The Oklahoman’s Sept. 3 ridiculous “Conspiracy Theorist” cartoon diatribe against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, editors must know that the infamous Kenneth Starr investigation of Whitewater came up completely empty. Adding that failure to Starr’s other sunken agenda of that era, including failure to prove Clinton’s (absurd) complicity in the murder of Vince Foster and her nonexistent culpability found in the Rose Law Firm records, any objective observer would indeed suspect a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

After all, Starr’s very expensive, taxpayer-funded, five-year investigation of Ms. Clinton in the 1990s found absolutely nothing.

“Coming Up Empty” will similarly prove true of the current so-called “Clinton Foundation scandal.”

Kenneth Starr can breathe easier though because he is evidently not involved in the latter.

Starr is too busy licking his wounds suffered for complicity in the Baylor football sex scandal wherein he has been demoted as university president and has since resigned as both chancellor and faculty member.

Do you suppose a possible vast left-wing conspiracy revengefully nailed him?

The vast right-wing conspiracy is at it again but will fail again for the usual lack of evidence.

Frank Silovsky Oklahoma City 

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