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Letters to the editor: Sept. 24, 2014



Just say no to war

Bombing and sending U.S. advisors is proposed in response to ISIS in Iraq. I'm telling Congress and the White House, "Not another war in the Middle East." We tried that, and it backfired. The two wars of that era brought only destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan and resentments against the US around the world. When the Iraq War was launched, taxes were cut instead of raised to pay for it. No surprise that debts in the trillions resulted.

Now, Dick Cheney wants to do it again. Before the Iraq invasion, Cheney told Tim Russert on Meet the Press that American troops would be welcomed as liberators and the war would be over in weeks. Why the national media still seek Cheney's opinion is mysterious.

President Obama is dead wrong on this issue and must hear from the people, "Just say no to war."

— Nathaniel Batchelder Oklahoma City

You’ve got to be kidding

Under "Who's the best?" (Chicken-Fried News, Sept. 10, Oklahoma Gazette) there is a grammatical error in the first sentence: "University of Oklahoma: They're football team is the best!" It should be their, the possessive form. It's quite ironic since this article is referring to a grammatical error (almost the identical one). I write because, as a person with extensive proofreading experience, I see and hear errors like this every day in all forms of media. So please solve this mystery: Is it an error, a joke or a test?

— Karen Litsey Oklahoma City Editor’s note: It was definitely a joke. Grammar jokes are our specialty.

They’re tattoos, made by artists

I am an avid follower of this publication. I have been reading the articles, the editorials, silly interviews, all of it, for years. The one thing that is fun for local business owners such as myself to be involved with is the Best of OKC campaign. It's really fun and quite rewarding as a business owner to get a certificate even for runner up in any category. It helps let you know you are on the right track, so to speak.

I couldn't afford advertising the first few years owning my own tattoo business, so the recognition spoke volumes about the product I was providing my community.

The "short" version of this rant is this: Why isn't there a separate category for tattooing anymore? And you included “best place to get a non-surgical update.” How cool does that even sound? Just say it out loud to yourself: “Hey man, check out this sweet non-surgical update I got last night at blah blah blah tattoos." Any city I travel to treats tattooing and the studios as fun destination spots to be proud of. After all, tattooists are local artists!

So next year, I'm going to get everyone in the state to vote my tattoo studio into the best local sandwich place.

Seems legit. Right?

— Joshua Crain Norman

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