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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 3, 2014



No pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline is to be built through central Oklahoma to transport Canadian tar sand oil to the Gulf of Mexico and ship it to China. The Canadian people have blocked a pipeline from the tar sands fields in Alberta to Canada’s west coast. Tar sands consist of a mixture of crude bitumen, a dangerous carcinogen, silica sand, clay materials and water.

Tar sands oil is exempt from the oil spill liability trust fund. Local and national taxpayers, not the corporations producing and transporting tar sands oil, will bear the initial cost of any cleanup, which is extremely difficult and expensive, as Mayflower, Arkansas, and Kalamazoo, Michigan, have experienced.

The pipeline is to cross the Ogallala Aquifer, the largest freshwater supply in the American heartland, putting at stake water all along the pipeline route. Do you want your community to take this risk for your children and grandchildren so China can have the oil? I don’t!

— Judy Wilder 


Everyone has rights

In response to Tim O’Neill’s letter (Commentary, Letters, “Open letter to OKC government,” Aug. 26, Oklahoma Gazette): First of all, you are not even a resident of Oklahoma City or the great state of Oklahoma.

You choose to live in that morally bankrupt state of California. Maybe you should put your efforts into reforming your own state before you stick your nose into our business.

I belong to no religion. What religion do you belong to that spews such contempt and hatred for a group that has the same rights as you to worship any way they see fit? And yes, the KKK, the Neo-Nazis as well as our gay community have the right to peaceable assemble in our state. They are even given protection by our police forces so they can exercise that right without being attacked. But I must thank you for motivating me enough to show up at this black mass to see what it’s all about. I know what you are all about.

— Les Williams 


Riddle me this

I see where my old friend and admirer Michael Hopkins just can’t get over the fact that a portion of my letter published in the Gazette on Sept. 14, 2011, was in error (Commentary, Letters, “Ignorance isn’t bliss,” Aug. 20, Gazette). The intention was to say water vapor comprised 95 percent of the so-called “green house gases” rather than atmosphere. I challenge Michael and all of the other brilliant, left-wing geniuses to explain how carbon dioxide, a gas that comprises only 0.03 percent of the earth’s atmosphere, could possibly influence so-called “man-made global warming?”

If they can’t, then do they agree the unjust war on fossil fuels and proposed “carbon tax” is a political sham that is and will be detrimental to our economy and standard of living?

With regard to Obama and our troops in the Middle East, as he has stated, he has a phone and a pen. Agreements, laws and even our own Constitution have not stopped him from doing what he deems he is entitled to do.

— Mickey McVay

Oklahoma City

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