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God’s presence amid horror

Amid of the horror in Connecticut, many fellow Christians likely will want to take up the counterpoint to the media’s discussions about guns and other perceived conservative Christian stereotypical debasements. Please don’t take the bait.

Don’t infuse this tragedy with a religious rigor and commentaries about our lost world and its lost souls. This is a moment for grace to resonate. This is a moment to demonstrate patience with those who are confused, angry, bitter and utterly despairing. Let the world play out its emotions. And you who walk with God, never lose your footing as you trail alongside them in a sacred silence with your only communication being the silent prayer between your spirit and God’s.

Those who know God carry the answers to these horrors in their heart, but such answers are not meant as swords wielded at paper dragons in the media. Christ is meant as a comforter. God represents an understanding father whose ability to grasp this horror is reflected in the tragic murder of his son for humanity’s sins. You represent this heart, this holy mind, this love.

Let others know of God’s presence, not his anger. Let them know of his forgiveness, not his disappointment. There will be a time for reflection and at that point, you can add what happened at Sandy Hook to the litany of evidence for a fallen world. But not now.

—David Hull Yukon

Saluting the ‘Greatest Generation’

Sincere thanks to Ben Fenwick and the entire staff and management of Oklahoma Gazette for the recent article, “Twilight’s last gleaming” (News, Dec. 5). It was an effective snapshot regarding the lives, the deeds, the perspective — and the passing — of certain members of what many refer to as “the Greatest Generation.” There could quite possibly be a small percentage of contemporary readers and members of the Tea Party circuit who might say that the cover photo “said it all.” Those who make that claim would have missed the thoughtful, well-chosen, insightful words that added depth, context and meaning to the message.

As a member of the (vaguely inept and selfish) baby-boom generation that followed the Greatest Generation, I hope that the brief lessons in courage, sacrifice and duty to one’s country provided within the context of the article do not disappear into oblivion.

Fenwick’s gift is just one more nearly perfect example of why I value the contribution of printed journalism. There are also probably people who think of the Gazette as “dirty freebie landfill.” I feel a passing sorrow for them, but don’t dwell on it.

—John D. Carlson The Village

Sound off, voters!

In 2000, George Bush took the White House with 48 percent of the popular vote and 271 electoral votes. He cut taxes and waged war on Iraq.

In 2012, Barack Obama was reelected with 50.5 percent of the popular vote and 332 electoral votes. He wants to restore taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent to the level before the Bush tax cut, but protect the bottom 98 percent from a tax increase, including households and businesses with incomes under $250,000.

Sixty percent of Americans support Obama’s plan, so it should pass, unless Republicans block it. Maybe people should contact their representatives in Congress.

—Nathaniel Batchelder Oklahoma City

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