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The Nazis stole this beautiful impressionist painting by Camille Pissarro during the occupation of France during WWII.

Yes, we understand that there is an antiquated court ruling in Switzerland that denied the painting to the owners because the established timeframe to make the claim expired. This whole court decision is arbitrary and unclear.

What is clear is the moral implication involved: OU knows who the rightful owner is, and they are refusing to be proactive and bountiful, gracious and moral and return this painting to the Jewish family from which it was plundered.

Until this painting is returned to the rightful owner, I will not visit the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. I trust this great university will do the right and moral thing.

— Paul Wesselhoft,
State Representative, Assistant Majority Floor Leader

Yes, e-cigs hurt
Regarding OKG’s Jan. 8 Chicken Fried News “Faux-smoke free city” comments (News): OKG’s response to Mary Fallin’s ban on cigarettes and e-cigarettes on state property reads like corporate tobacco talking points. I’ll tell you the health concerns and impact.

I get short of breath and a raging headache every time somebody fires up an e-cigarette around me (even before I see or smell them). It’s not just water vapor.

For one thing, it’s got nicotine in it, or why bother? I suppose the health risks of that are unknown to OKG. It is widely reported that e-vapor also contains various toxic chemicals. Non-sharing nicotine delivery systems such as gum and patches are readily available.

I work on state property. Mary got it right on this one.

— Ray Wyssmann
Oklahoma City

American doctor shows worst of choice debate
In January, we observed the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling. Also, it has been a year since the Kermit Gosnell trial. That trial is easy to forget. The media hardly gave it a passing glance. But in reality, it was a horrifying, shocking glimpse into a practice that our society has chosen to edify.

We have carefully deluded ourselves into thinking abortion, even when the baby is born alive and breathing, is OK. After all, it is our right — phrases carefully chosen: “It is our right,” “It is our body,” “We have the freedom of choice.”

How did we get to this point in our society? When did we become so callus?

So please remember the 60 million souls who were not allowed to see the light of day.

We are killing our own children.

We have given ourselves the right to choose.

— Sylvia Watkins

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