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Your proposed
solution to the “bad guy” problem is to a) deceptively rename it a “gun
problem” and b) punish the “good guys” with additional gun-control
legislation — remember, genius, that only the “good guys” will be
affected by your confiscation efforts since the “good guys” are the ones
who actually obey laws.

Or is complete disarmament of the honest citizenry your real intent to begin with?

any rate, if that is a shining example of your very best problemsolving
skills, you have no business in any position of social or political
leadership, especially not if four simple words (“shall not be
infringed”) are completely beyond your comprehension.

entering office, you swore under oath to uphold the Constitution, and
whether or not you personally approve, the Second Amendment is still
part of it.

If you egotistically believe you’re smarter
than the founding fathers and you wish to change that amendment, then,
by all means, work legally toward that goal. But as long as the Second
Amendment is the law, if you cannot or will not uphold it, then resign!
Get the hell out of office, and let a responsible adult actually solve
the problem.

— Oklahoma City

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