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They affected me in different ways.

There was no water or electricity. Looters combed someone’s home for what they might steal, whether demolished or still left standing. The slow-moving highways and byways had people rubbernecking at the destruction.

However, neighbors reached out to share what we had and exchanged stories. Tents of clothes, food, water and toiletries were provided by churches and charitable groups from donations from all over the country. Restaurants and other businesses supplied shiny pieces of hope that some order would be restored for the neighborhoods affected on this 23-mile trek.

Bless each and every one of them. The most touching story of all was a man who brought his search-and-rescue dog to find survivors. He needed help himself. His wife had taken the dog to Plaza Towers Elementary while he stayed two and half hours with his infant son, three adult dogs and six other puppies in a compact car. My wife agreed to watch the whole crew while he checked on his wife. The kindness of strangers on both ends was beyond words.

Maybe there are some things we don’t want to experience. Bad situations can turn around to good experiences, and we walk away better for it. Eleven days later, on May 31, we had another tornado with another new round of stories to tell.

— Moore

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