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Who’s hungry?

Each year, Gov. Mary Fallin sponsors a food bank drive asking state employees to contribute. The food collected is donated to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. On first consideration, this seems like a laudable effort.

Every year, more Oklahomans suffer from hunger. Both the latest census and the Regional Food Bank have reported that 1 in 4 children in Oklahoma live in poverty and have “hunger issues.”

This should constitute an emergency. Governor Fallin, rather than proposing a serious plan to feed her citizens, once again asked state workers to pitch in. If no move is made this upcoming legislative session, these workers will have gone eight years without a pay raise — this erosion makes some state workers qualify for public assistance themselves. We must demand that our children be fed. We must quit kidding ourselves that leaders care about the widening gap between the rich and the rest of us.

— Lynn Rambo-Jones

Political correctness is the real terror
It is Halloween season once again, and what’s the scariest monster of all? The terror of the holiday? Political correctness, but with a twist.

For it is the example that not just liberals who devised this monster are guilty of such.

I went to a Catholic school for the first eight years of my educational experience. I have fond memories of Halloween parties, dressing up for the parties and the school “Halloween” carnival — not “Fall Festival.” There wasn’t any need for the casting of demons. The nuns didn’t drop to the ground in horror. They had as much fun as anyone else.

I have now, as a parent, witnessed my oldest son pass through all of those years and my youngest experience half of these great times without experiencing them at all. Some who are entitled to their opinion to believe what they want about Halloween also threaten to keep their children out of school or sue — or both — if there are any references to Halloween. The town my kids go to school in have enough residents who are anti-Halloween that the time-honored trick-or-treat experience is lame. We go elsewhere. So what do we do? We choose to bow down and accommodate them, just like we do the atheist spoiled brats throwing their fits about Christmas. I say let ’em stay home.

— Doug Rixmann

Follow God’s word to save our country

Responsibility for the ungodliness which now prevails in our great country belongs to each one of us. “But why me?” you are probably thinking to yourself. Because God says so. In the Word of God (the Holy Bible), it says, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole latter: Fear God and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Everything God considers an abomination is now acceptable in America. Some of our political leaders now brazenly support the things that God Almighty called wicked and abominable. The Holy Bible shows what happened to nations who dared to defy God or got so morally depraved that God finally destroyed them.

Believe the Bible truth that there is a living God, our Creator, who created everything that was created and made, including you, and that He loves you. Everything that you see before you stands on God’s word. Read the word of God, the Holy Bible, from beginning to end.

— Manuel Ybarra Jr.

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