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Thank you, Rev. Meyers
Thanks for your commentaries, Rev. Robin Meyers. I always read your views.

— Mel Wright
Oklahoma City

Let’s be pioneers
To the state of Oklahoma, the first Oklahomans were called pioneers. We pride ourselves as pioneers and leaders of industry in many areas and fields, mainly our natural resources. Right here, right now, we, as Oklahomans, have an opportunity to be pioneers and even more so the major leader of industry with a natural resource — industries such as paper, fabrics, bio-fuel, even food. These productions and products would open many doors for our state, creating more jobs, more business, more tourism and even more revenue.

I am speaking of marijuana and hemp. Hemp is for products. Marijuana is medicine. The average user is an honest, hardworking, tax-paying citizen productive to society and the common good of humanity, ranging from doctors to fast food workers.

To keep this plant in the hands of evil and destroy lives of innocent, hardworking or ill individuals is evil and ungodly in itself. Our officials were elected into an office of public service because we believe and trust in them to listen to us, to do the right and proper things because that’s what being an Oklahoman is about.

I challenge you to educate yourselves, question what you have heard, question what you have been taught. Pass legal marijuana. To not do so is to deny life.

— Matt Clary
Midwest City

Why apologize for racism?
Some guy named Christopher P. Lehman (Commentary, “Should a former sundown town apologize?” Jan. 8, Oklahoma Gazette) thinks Edmond should apologize for not allowing blacks to live there in the past. Why? Blacks living there now should be apology enough. I didn’t own any slaves, and I shouldn’t have to apologize for such activity in the past. There are no slaves in America now, and we’re the only nation to ever fight a war to be rid of such.

— Thomas L. Furlong
Oklahoma City

Doublespeak is here
Have you noticed how misleading most GOP legislation is named? The new term they are using is “efficiency” for cutting services, where fewer are served or some are left out or a mixture of both. That is not efficiency, and what they are doing, but not saying, is trashing government because they do not like it unless they can make a profit out of it.

Gov. Mary Fallin says any agency worth its salt can reduce their budget by 5 percent and still do the same service even though she has previously reduced their budget by several percent, and that does not include inflationary loss of purchasing power.

“Reform” is another term that really means they are giving something to the few at the expense of the many, like in worker’s compensation. Another is pension reform, where state employees will get 401ks like private employees, which means all will be in the same risky boat together. Not mentioned is that taxpayers may pay a lot for the transition.

I hope you won’t be gamed by these misleading names and be sure to remember this come November.

— Chadwick Cox

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