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Liberals ‘blather without restraint’



Bill complains in Phil Bacharach’s rather brief “interview” story (“‘Real Time,’ red state,” March 16, Gazette) about how so very tough it is for liberals to survive as a minority in Oklahoma City! Try being a conservative in Hollywood — I know that turd-rich environment from nine years’ effort, in the process finding conservatives aplenty, who are existing and earning a living by keeping their mouths shut.

Maher likely doesn’t “know” any conservatives since they keep their head down; he may employ some at his HBO boys’ club, yet not know it. In Oklahoma, the liberals — you know, that poor, poor minority — blather without restraint in every venue where I encounter them (especially on Sunday at one library branch, their favorite watering hole), knowing it’s safer to be a liberal in a red state than to be a conservative in a blue state.

Lott’s March 13 movie review slam on a go-go actioner “Battle: Los
Angeles” (“LA UFO, OMG!”) that gives blue-boys a hint of what would be
required if Marines were called upon to save the anti-military brats of
the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, and its larger left-wing environs
of Los Angeles, and the Gazette continues to shun any
understanding of conservatives, the military, the tea party movement,
(oh, wait, they are the tea baggers — so much for civil discourse from
the left) or the vast environs of red America.

believes in his managing editor’s heart that “BLA” has no story — it’s
rich with story and theme and plot and emotion, but not to the snarling,
snarky, snotty lefties who doubtless are like those who slammed
Charlton Heston for his gun ownership, until, that is, they frantically
phoned him during the Rodney King riots, begging him to help them
shortcircuit the waiting period by loaning a gun for self-protection.
They wanted guns, and they wanted them now. Chuck reminded them of their
pre-riot theories, and let them protect themselves without his

Los Angeles” gets it, as does its audience; Maher and Lott don’t. Thus,
all the whining about “why can’t we all get along” and other Santa
Monica/ Malibu “Kumbaya” mentalities get a realistic view in “BLA” that
only patriots can see. When the nasties come ashore, you’ll all cry
“Where are the Marines?” and demand they come to your neighborhood

—Steve Finefrock
Oklahoma City

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