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LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):



In the coming days, the surprise and delight quotient will be way up. I bet you'll be more prone than usual to uttering exclamations.  There may also be a confounding "aha!" and a mind-wobbling "What the frack?!" mixed in there, although I think the emphasis will be on developments that educate and entertain you. Since you will probably be ushered in the direction of the frontier, I think you should find new ways to express your amazement.

Instead of cliches like "Jesus H. Christ!" or "Holy crap!", why not try something fresh, like the following: "Great Odin's raven!" . . . "Radical lymphocytes!" . . . "Cackling whacks of jibber-jabber!" . . . "Frosty heat waves!" . . . "Panoramic serpentine." Any other ideas?

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