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LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):



At a yard sale today, I paid a dollar for a  stained, pocket-sized horoscope book with many of its pages missing.  The reason I made such an odd investment is that it had a forecast for Libra for the first part of November 2009, and this forecast  struck me as even more useful than the horoscope I had composed for  you. As a public service, I'm providing it here.

"The graceful  dragonfly lives for just a few months. But a sequoia tree's time on  earth can last 2,000 years. In the same way, some bonds, some  creations, some worlds, endure for a mere blink in eternity, while  others are destined to outfox the ravages of time. What will be the  lifespan of the dream you recently hatched, Libra? It is time to  decide and take action."

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