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'License' to ill



After reading Oklahoma Gazette's recent article titled "Without license" (News, Scott Cooper, March 3, 2010), I couldn't overcome the feeling of nausea I had regarding Slaton Anthony and others who sympathize or share in his plight. Here is a man who deserted his family, state and country on behalf of the lack of acceptance of his perverse behaviors.

Please enlighten me if I am incorrect, but he was never fired from a job, kicked out of the military or had his right to practice law revoked. Yet, Anthony makes no qualms about " to the point of boasting " placing his sexuality and its nonacceptance above all else in his life. Now, mind you, I personally couldn't care less what Anthony does behind closed doors, and feel that as long as consenting adults agree to partake, then so be it!

The sadness in the story does not lie with our state's opposition toward Anthony's desire to flamboyantly express his sexuality, rather with the confused child he left behind. Anthony should feel fortunate that he had the opportunity to serve his country, practice law in our state and move to a more liberalized northern state. He was given these opportunities because he was an American, not gay.

"Hewitt E. Moore
Moore is author of "White Guilt."

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