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Life of Pie


Leslie Coale-Mossman
By: Mark Hancock

Leslie Coale-Mossman and Darcy Schein were stay-at-home moms who met
when their oldest kids were in a Mother’s Day Out together. Their
husbands traveled frequently, so the two started sharing dinners.

“At some point,” Coale-Mossman said, “I think we decided to see who had a better recipe for pie.”

prompted more baking. Three years ago, S&B’s Burger Joint asked
Coale-Mossman and Schein to make a pie. They obliged, and the desserts
of Pie Junkie wound up on the menu.

then, Pie Junkie pies have made their way to the menus of The
Paramount, Pizza 23 and Coffee Slingers. The two formed a catering
company focusing on pies — dessert and savory — and full meals.

think the community has always rooted for us,” Schein said. “We were
just two stay-at-home moms with a passion and talent for cooking who
decided to take a shot at making desserts for a little extra money. I’m
not sure we ever thought our pies would become so successful.”

duo recently opened a fixed location in the thriving Plaza District.
Located at 1711 N.W. 16th, the eatery offers whole pies and slices of
several varieties. A frozen case holds savory pies that can be cooked at
home, including chicken pot pie, sausage pie and spinach and bacon

Pie Junkie features Tulsa-based Topéca coffee, a delicious El Salvadoran
coffee that the owners call “seed-to-cup.”

won’t have a big coffee service, though,” Coale-Mossman said. “We’re
brewing Topéca, but we don’t have the facilities for an espresso machine
or full-coffee service.”

real stars of Pie Junkie remain the desserts. Coale-Mossman and Schein
have a knack for tweaking a traditional recipe, like Key lime pie, to
create a wonderful new twist. The result: macadamia-crusted Key lime
pie, with all the tang and zip of the classic you know, combined with
the rich, buttery nuttiness of the crust.

of our recipes come from our families,” Coale-Mossman said, “but we’re
always looking for ways to incorporate unusual or unexpected

Among the most popular selections are peanut butter chocolate, Almond Joy, s’more and blackberry whiskey buttermilk.

Pie Junkie makes more than two dozen pies, not all kinds are available
daily. Still, Coale-Mossman said they happily take phone orders for any
of its varieties (and special requests) with 48 hours’ notice.

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