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Few weren’t charmed by
The Darkness’ ubiquitous single “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” when
it hit stateside in 2003. The honest-to-God rock ’n’ roll stylings
recalling the likes of Thin Lizzy, Queen and Kiss were hard not to
appreciate. Even Lady Gaga counts herself as a fan, hand-picking the
British glam band to open her upcoming European tour.

“It’s kind of
crazy, isn’t it? Compared
to the bill at Rocklahoma, it’s an entirely different audience,”
guitarist Dan Hawkins said. “We’re blessed to be able to play for such
varied crowds, really. We’re bit of a novelty, and we understand that.
It’s nice to know we don’t just fit too neatly into one little niche.”

Darkness is back — in a big way — after bickering and an excess of
cocaine and alcohol derailed the group right in the midst of its second
album. Things are better now: Lead singer Justin Hawkins got sober, and
he and his brother subsequently got in better terms.

be honest, it was more of a family thing,” Dan Hawkins said. “Once
Justin and I patched things up between us, it was inevitable. We’ve been
in bands together since we were 8 years old. Once we became friends and brothers again, it was only a matter of time.”

The renewed bond has The Darkness on top of its game.

like to say we’re a little less petulant,” he said. “It sounds wanky,
but that’s all that matters. Previously, the attention was spent on
getting over your fucking hangover from the day before.”

The glam rockers’ third album, Hot Cakes, slated for release on Aug. 20, falls right in line with the rest of their catalog, according to Hawkins.

you are a Darkness fan, you’ll be overjoyed with this record,” he said.
“If you expected us to take a left turn or incorporate a new set of
values, you’re going to be disappointed.”

8 songs from Rocklahoma artists that also act as what not to bring:

1. “Pussy Liquor,” Rob Zombie
2. “Bread of Shame,” Creed
3. “Head Crusher,” Megadeth
4. “Piñata,” Chevelle
5. “Alcohaulin’ Ass,” Hellyeah
6. “T.N.T.,” Puddle of Mudd
7. “Bulldozer,” Black Stone Cherry
8. “Angelwhore,” Red

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