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Limber Limbs — Limber Limbs



The Oklahoma City indie-rock trio of Ben Bowlware,
Derek Moore and Robert Riggs went by People, People back in 2010 when
it released a full-length album of heady, orchestrated material.

Although still texturally rich and sonically complex, this self-titled, four-track EP aims at your heart as much as it does your cranium. “Golden Rust” — aided by guest vocals from Horse Thief front man Cameron Beckham Neal — is the sort of big, romantic ballad that Band of Horses and Bon Iver have built careers on.

“I’m Coming Back” ebbs and flows with alternating folk-rock fury and acoustic orchestra sonatas, and the closing pair of “Mexico” and “As You Lay Down Your Head” meets at the lightly traveled intersection of Neutral Milk Hotel and Brand New, each rocketing from a quaint lullaby to full-blown rock anthem.

If there’s anything to take away from Limber Limbs, it’s that, often, change is a good thing. —Joshua Boydston 

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