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Line of reasoning should be rejected



In response to philosophy professor John A. Murphy's Aug. 11 request for an explanation of the meaning of Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ's mission statement (Letters, "What the hell?," Oklahoma Gazette), I would like to offer the following opinion:

After reading the quotation in your letter, it seems clear they would like to reintroduce the public to Christianity's contribution to our American heritage via ideas that have been separated from their origin. Among the most fundamental is that "all men are created equal" and "are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." This idea may be derived from the saying "love thy neighbor as thyself." From this flow the commonly accepted ideas of public and private justice we take for granted.

In a truly secular world without God, it really does not make sense to conclude all people are equal. That people are unequal in every sense is self-evident. If we merely evolved from the slime, there is absolutely no reason for the strong not to prey upon the weak, for the clever not to take advantage of the dull, except fear. Fear that it will happen to you at some time. Nowhere else in nature will you find lions not eating lambs, because they will one day be weak themselves. In a secular world, all that separates humanity from animals is self-awareness, and all that has apparently brought is a universal culture of fear.

You would be right in rejecting this line of reasoning, because it is as untrue as it is objectionable and inescapable using secular premises. It seems apparent that this group is trying to get their message across that there is a higher power and the cultural contributions of the Christian faith in the face of stiff secular opposition.

For the sake of readers not familiar with the Bible, Christianity takes its name from Jesus Christ, whose actions are documented in the New Testament, the second half of the Bible. The quotes used are all from the Old Testament. Consequently, both by definition and deed, there are no Christian groups advocating the raping of virgins, the execution of homosexuals, the mutilation of pregnant women or even to change our currency from dollars to shekels. Quite the opposite.

"Gregory Leake

Leake is a mechanic visiting Oklahoma City.

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