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Those crazy kids at ACM@UCO are always at it, what with their Bricktown music school, fancy recordin’ machines and whatnot. They’ve started so darn many bands, the school set up LiveLink, a spring concert series with at least five bands playing its Performance Lab. Five dates are scheduled through May 4, starting Friday.

Check out our profiles of each act on Friday’s bill so that you know which name to shout at the end of their sets.

We Killed the Last Superhero
Band life:
“Five months.”
Sounds like: “Talking to psychedelic aliens in your mom’s closet.”
Favorite recording artist:
“Led Zeppelin.”
Favorite Radiohead album:
“Kid A.”
When you’re not playing music: “Wrestling wild animals ... gently.”
Favorite local band:
“Stardeath and White Dwarfs.”
And, what else?:
“Our shows are loud, faggy, and beautiful.”
Listen at: Soundcloud

Jessey General Thompson

Band life: “Solo project, been somewhat working on it for three years.”
Sounds like: “Fits best in the Americana genre, influences ranging from Norah Jones to Queens of the Stone Age. Just far enough outside the box to not sound familiar, but not so far outside the box that it would turn the average listener away.”
Favorite Radiohead album: “Unplugged: The Complete Acoustic Sessions.”
When you’re not playing music: “Playing basketball at the UCO Wellness Center or volunteering at the Regional Food Bank.”
Favorite local band: “The Damn Quails.”
And, what else?: “I’m a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Roff, currently working on my debut album, produced by Mike McClure. Expected to be released summer 2012.”
Listen at: Facebook page.

Carousel Revolt
Band life:
“We’ve been going steady for six years now.”
Sounds like:
“Groove-oriented alt-rock. The music which will be ever so gladly emitted from our internal and external instruments for flight will seduce you like Aphrodite, keep you guessing like the ACT and make you beg for more like Oliver Twist.”
Favorite Radiohead album: “Kid A.”
When you’re not playing music:
Favorite local band:
“The Non.”
And, what else?:
“We, Carousel Revolt, cordially invite you to an introduction into us. Please RSVP.”
Listen at: ReverbNation

The Fedoras
Band life:
“Around three years now.”
Sounds like: “We
tried to put in a little Zeppelin, a little Foo Fighters, a little Pink
Floyd and a little bit of White Stripes. In other words, musically,
we’re aiming high.”
When you’re not playing music:
“We enjoy eating caviar and staring at ourselves in a mirror.”
Favorite local band:
“Carousel Revolt.”
And, what else?: “The
Fedoras came to be when at a practice for our church’s contemporary
band, our lead singer, Caleb Ellis, told us he had written a few songs.
We played the songs and each one of us individually thought, ‘This is
the greatest stuff I’ve ever heard.’ We’ll have to change our name
because there’s another band with the same name. Anyone with any great
band name ideas? We’ll take them.”

Oxford Town 
Band life:
“Three years.”
Sounds like:
“100 percent rock ’n’ roll with a chance of blues and grunge.”
Favorite Radiohead album: “Kid A.”
When you’re not playing music:
“Dancing with Mary Jane.”
Favorite local band:
“Leo Goes Grr ...”
And, what else?:
“We record and produce all of our own music. We are also brothers.”
Listen at: Band's website.

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