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Lips ‘lust’


Credit: Brad Gregg

The very NSFW footage features two individuals — a man and a woman — naked in a sea of white, lying on the floor and strapped to these weird, electroshock gizmos.

Meanwhile, three women (also nekkid) conduct experiments on the two as frogs and monkeys hop around the place.

Much to the dismay of absolutely no one, the song was condensed to four measly minutes for the video. Just imagine:

There actually could have been nine more minutes of wriggling frogs and flaccid penis close-ups to enjoy.

Everything in moderation, kids!

Thanks for showing some
restraint, Wayne Coyne. Can’t wait for the “Butterfly, How Long It Takes
to Die” video, in which the band prances around (nude, of course) in
blood-drenched butterfly costumes for more than seven minutes.

That’s gonna be awesome.

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