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Liquid energy


Credit: Brad Gregg

That’s great news, if only the powers that be would stop trying to sabotage it.

A recent issue of The Intelligence Report, published by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), features a story on Comanche County resident Paul Pantone and his invention, named the Global Environment Energy Technology, or GEET.

said the engine will run on any liquid, from Mountain Dew to urine. He
has apparently built a compound in Comanche County to which he brings
alt-energy enthusiasts hoping to learn the secrets of GEET technology.

However, there is indication that the engine may also run on another important ingredient: namely, B.S.

Pantone claims, is a compact plasma-fuel refinery that turns any liquid
into volatile fuel using “electromagnetic and other energy fields.” He
has said the technology was given to him in 1975 by a mysterious woman
who, Pantone believes, was quite possibly an angel.

has a history of involvement with the radical right and several
conspiracy theory groups. In 2005, he was convicted in Utah of
securities fraud for allegedly swindling investors out of more than

According to the SPLC, his compound includes armed security guards. The county sheriff’s office — which stressed to Intelligence Report that Pantone has not been accused of a crime — said they are keeping an eye on the situation.

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