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Little Children



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Specifically, the film "? adapted from Tom Perrotta's novel "? delves into the attraction between two stay-at-home parents, though not married to each other: Sarah (Kate Winslet) is unsatisfied in her marriage to an older man addicted to online pornography, while Brad (Patrick Wilson) is a pretty boy who feels henpecked by his filmmaker wife (Jennifer Connelly), who constantly needles him about having to pass the bar exam after failing twice before.


Flirtation gives way to a full-blown affair, with the two living out a fantasy that suggests they're not much more mature than their kids they're raising. People talk, but not as much as they do about the newly sprung sex offender (Jackie Earle Haley) lurking nearby.


Inevitably, disturbingly, the threads collide in tragedy. And watching it all unravel is fascinating, with Field ("In the Bedroom") displaying a gift for framing and terrific performances by all; Winslet and Haley may have received the Oscar nominations, but Wilson has the hardest part.


The DVD is entirely featureless, not even sporting the film's locomotive of a trailer. The omission is as criminal as any of the sins the characters commit.  "?Rod Lott


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