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Little River Zoo offers kids a chance to learn about animals at night



Being on the lookout for a black bear in the dark is usually a bad thing, but not if you're staying overnight at the zoo.

Kids of all ages are invited to experience the nightlife from 6 p.m. Saturday to 8 a.m. Sunday at the Little River Zoo, 3405 S.E. 120th Ave. in Norman, which is hosting the Jr. Zookeeper Overnight Camp.

Zoo spokeswoman Sarah Schettler said children will experience a different side of the zoo at the camp, as most of the nocturnal animals will be active.

"I have walked around the zoo at night, and it's just a completely different environment," she said. "It gets really, really dark ... and being able to see the animals with their eyes shining in the dark is awesome."

The overnight event is $59, which includes dinner and breakfast. Several activities are planned, including a night hike and animal tracking.

"They will sprinkle out some flour earlier in the night and later they can see what animals had walked through the flour, because it leaves tracks, mostly raccoons," Schettler said. "Apollo and Athena are our gray wolf hybrids, and people love to see them at night. The bears are a little more trouble finding at night since they are black bears, but they are very neat to see, as well."

For more information, call 366-7229 or visit "Adam Kemp

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