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Live and learn — or don’t



According to, Miller was released March 21 after serving 15 years in a New Jersey state prison for robbing a Stride Rite in Toms River, New Jersey, in 1999.

did he do on the first day of his freedom? Treat himself to a steak and
lobster dinner? Party like it was still 1999? Nope. He robbed the
Stride Rite again. He wanted revenge. (We’re guessing.)

the 1999 robbery, he tied up employees and threatened them with a box
cutter, reported. On March 22, he just got really angry and took
$389 from the register. He also tried to talk employees out of their car
keys, which they refused to give him. However, he did manage to steal
two cell phones from customers. So maybe he did learn something: This
time, he didn’t use a deadly weapon.

Huzzah! But that didn’t keep him out of the slammer.

Miller’s bail was set at $100,000, and he was held in the Ocean County, New Jersey, jail.

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