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With less than 15 minutes before kickoff, the visiting Baylor crowd does not fill their parcel of seats "? there's maybe 25 or 30 rows -- and it appears the empty ones should be the rest of the band"¦

The football team and cheerleaders out number the fans who traveled from Waco"¦

After gaining a first down on the team's first third down, the Sooners failed to convert the second one. OU quarterback Sam Bradford starts the game 2-of-4 passing for 15 yards.

Baylor makes the first huge gain of the game as a run play gains 57 yards, however, OU cornerback Reggie Smith saves the defense by intercepting the subsquent pass in the corner of the end zone. Despite the defensive gift, the sluggish Sooner offense fails to convert a third down after Bradford failed to hit his receiver; uncharacteristically, the signal caller begins the game completing less than 50 percent of his passes.

The Bears put up the first score of the game on a 46-yard dash by Brandon Whitaker. The Sooners offense quickly answered, punctuating a 72-yard drive with a 26-yard scoring run by DeMarco Murray. Bradford completed three passes in the seven-play drive. Oddly, Oklahoma has 48 yards passing and 48 yards rushing with 2:10 left in the first quarter.

After Baylor loses a yard on its next offensive series and shanking a punt to the OU 49-yard line, Bradford and Malcolm Kelly hook up for a rainbow touchdown pass and catch for a 51-yard scoring play. Aided by a 43-yard pass from Bradford to tight end Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma scored its third touchdown on a one-yard Murray run. The series began on the Oklahoma 22 after Baylor missed a field-goal attempt.

Oklahoma attempted a fourth-down conversion with less than two minutes left in the first half at the 25-yard line but failed; on the next play, Baylor's Blake Szymanski threw a 75-yard pass to Thomas White to keep the Bears in the game at 21-14.

Quickly, however, the pendulum swung quickly back in the Sooners' favor as Murray returned the kickoff 91 yards for a touchdown.

The Sooners score their fifth touchdown of the game on its fifth play of the half as Bradford threw deep on third-and-10 from their own 40-yard line to Manuel Johnson who caught the pass, gained his footing by tiptoeing along the sideline and sprinting into the end zone to give OU a 35-14 lead.

Baylor pushed the ball down to the OU seven-yard line to answer Oklahoma's touchdown drive but Adrian Taylor intercepted a pass -- after dropping a second-quarter interception -- which inspired the offense into a 73-yard touchdown drive. Johnson caught his second touchdown pass of the game from Bradford.

The Bears struck paydirt on a 42-yard pass which the Sooners answered with a field goal. Bradford later threw an interception at the goal line but the Bears did not capitalize on Sooner mistake. Murray ran in a fourth-and-two play from the 21 for touchdown to make the score 52-21.


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