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The Sooners hold the Hurricanes to a three and out in their first offensive series. Marcus Walker did a great job of trying to sell that would-be interception, even convincing one official. Too bad the officials' review system works better at Oklahoma than Oregon.

Having Gino Torreta and Toby Keith announce the starting offensive and defensive lineups did not work. Too long and too distracting because play began on the field before they finished speaking. Good idea, bad execution.

Like a no hitter, hate to say it but Bradford's hit every pass today, extending his 18 consecutive streak from last week. He's 4-for-4 so far today. The sportscasters have yet to mention it. A perfect start to extend a streak should be worthy. Oops. Bradford missed one and the snap sailed on the punter.

Sun's out, game's tightening and the telecast is pretty solid. The sports-information folks have been feeding pretty good fodder to them -- the third-longest fumble return, for example.

Good segue stuff with the sideline interview with OU men's basketball coach Jeff Capel and on-the-fly footage of Capel's collegiate heroics at Duke.

With the score 51-13 and the game deep into the fourth quarter, the producers and commentators are keeping the broadcast rather light and entertaining. As evidenced by the Fox Sports Network telecast last week, the ABC folks were either prepared just in case or they have done enough homework to have talking points regardless of the competitiveness on the field.


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