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Llama mamas



From KXII-TV out of Texas comes this report of a Bokchito woman and her unique way of helping out in the gulf.

Sandra Reynolds owns a llama ranch, and every spring she shears her hairy beasts to help them stay cool in the summer heat. But this year, according to KXII, she won't be using that fluffy hair to make yarn. Instead she's donating it.

Apparently, llama hair is very absorbent. Who knew? See, this is why you read Chicken-Fried News, for these little gems of knowledge.

Anyway, that big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is going to mean a whole lot of cleaning up when it washes ashore. And that's where Reynolds' llamas come in. She's donating the hair to Matter of Trust, a San Francisco-based eco organization.

"They were looking for fiber, people with excess fiber, and this is our shearing season so we're actually able to have quite a bit on hand," Reynolds told KXII.

More than "quite a bit." She apparently sent in 300 pounds so far and is planning on sending more.

Matter of Trust is taking all that hair and turning it into absorbent mats and booms that will help soak up all that oil. A boom is a hair-filled buoy that soaks up oil while bobbing in the water. See, we told you this would be educational.
"It's a fun chore, but it's great to be able to help out with something like this," Reynolds said. "It's important, and there was an immediate need, and I had it available so just doing whatever you can do to help out."

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