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Llama mamas



The Fort Worth Star-Telegram gives us this report on three "crazy ladies" from Oklahoma.

Dana McCullough, of Elk City, Pat Bodkin, of Edmond, and Joy Swihart, of Blanchard, hitched up a trailer and headed south of the Red River with their partying cohorts: llamas.

"We're just three crazy ladies, out playing and having fun," Bodkin reportedly said.

Whoa, settle down, ladies. The three friends and their six llamas are in Fort Worth for the city's stock show, where their lovely llamas will compete. According to the Star-Telegram, they've made this their "winter vacation" for five years now. And it's ladies (and llamas) only " no men allowed.

"If they were here, they'd be cleaning out the stalls," said McCullough. The trio has raised llamas for years on their respective Oklahoma farms, and Bodkin has raised more than that. Her Edmond-area home has included water buffaloes, camels, zebras, ostriches and emus, according to the Star-Telegram.

But it's the llamas that take center stage at the stock show. One of the big competitions is the costume contest. Seriously, we're not making this up. A llama costume contest.

"Friday is a big one for us because of the costume competition," Swihart said. "That's when it's really crazy."

Apparently, Bodkin makes all the llama costumes, and she really goes all out. This year, she hinted that she'd really be surprising the judges with one costume: a llama-sized nightgown and pacifier.

Have fun with that, ladies. For us, we're sticking with simple dog sweaters and kitten mittens.

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