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Lobo: Highway to Hell #1



Until recently, the only Lobo character I knew of was Claude Akins' Sheriff Lobo of 1970s prime-time TV. I hadn't heard of DC Comics' intergalactic bounty hunter of the same name. Perhaps the same goes for you, in which case you should get schooled with the foul-mouthed, motorcycle-riding antihero in "Lobo: Highway to Hell." The first part of a two-issue miniseries from Anthrax rocker Scott Ian is out now.

The story takes nothing seriously. Lobo's kicking back in his pad and watching "Lost" when suddenly, stabbed dolphins are thrown through his window. Attached to the poor porpoises is a note from Satan himself. Banned from entering Hell, Lobo heads that way regardless to get his revenge, hopping a River Styx cruise liner, where at least one fellow passenger confuses him with a certain KISS front man.

Ian's script plays like a Looney Tunes short, and Sam Kieth's art matches it step for outrageous step. With his perverted nature and adult sensibilities, Lobo may be material for Heavy Metal magazine, but the creative team treats him as if he were in the pages of Mad Magazine. That, my friends, is a solid recommendation. DC Comics"?Rod Lott

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