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Local artists celebrate the one-year anniversary of DNA Galleries



Longboards make a fitting anniversary show for DNA Galleries, since the shop is split between a handmade retail store and art gallery, giving it more of a West Coast vibe than storefronts normally seen on the streets of Oklahoma City.

The Bradways have traveled nationally and internationally as artists, injecting out-of-state influences into their gallery and imparting some of the lessons of their travels to other artists who show there.

"Dylan and I ... want to help out other artists that are working to go professional," Bradway said. "We want to be a springboard for emerging artists "? not those that are just starting out, but a transitional space for those that have been working a while and are going to start approaching larger galleries across the nation and internationally."

Longboard Deck Show takes place 7-11 p.m. Friday at DNA Galleries, 1705-B N.W. 16th.

"?Charles Martin


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