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Local folkie Ali Harter debuts new disc



Oklahoma City folk siren Ali Harter has assembled a new record, and with the help of a few local musicians, it sounds like her country-inspired Americana cuts even deeper than her previous releases.

The new album, "Worry the Bone," will be debuted Friday at a CD release show at The Conservatory, 8911 N. Western.

Harter tapped John Moreland & The Black Gold Band, Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers, and Edmond ambient instrumentalists The Non to help with the celebration.

One of the busiest musicians in Oklahoma, Harter spends the majority of her time on the road, but these days, rather than going it alone, she has picked up different bands and performers to tour with " a testament to her work ethic and infectious Midwest charm.

A few tracks from the new record are available, and sound much bigger and polished than her previous efforts, due largely to background vocals supplied by Ryan McClellan and the addition of drums and keyboards added by Mickey Reese and Chris Harris. "Joe Wertz

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