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Local girl is a diamond’s best friend



Clymer found a 3.85-carat canary yellow diamond — which she has named God’s Jewel — in the 37-acre area in which visitors are allowed to hunt for the precious stones.

“At first I thought it was a marble until I laid it in my hand,” Tana told NewsOK. “Then, I knew it was something.”

Clymer’s mother, Amanda Giordano, had been jonesing for a trip to the park for years. It turns out all that nagging wasn’t for nothing. The diamond is likely worth at least a few thousand dollars.

“She’s either going to keep the dia- mond for a ring, or, if it’s worth a lot, she’ll want that for college,” Bill Henderson, assistant park superinten- dent, told Associ- ated Press.

Joan Ellison, a spokeswoman for Arkansas State Parks, said
the size and quality of the diamond Clymer found greatly surpasses those
of the 400 other diamonds found at the park this year. Oklahoma State
Trooper Marvin Culver of Nowata found a similar diamond, the Okie Dokie
Diamond, at the park in 2006.

Crater of Diamonds is the only diamond-producing area open to the public. Anyone up for a road trip?

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