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Local H brings a year's worth of bad relationships to Oklahoma City



Illinois grunge band Local H will play in Oklahoma City Friday.

Although it would seem easy to dismiss the duo as such, Local H is far more than a one-hit wonder. Sure, the group may be best known for its alternative-rock hit of the late Nineties, "Bound for the Floor," a song which elevated the album it landed on, "As Good As Dead," to gold status. However, the story didn't end there for vocalist/guitarist Scott Lucas and current drummer Brian St. Clair.

The band from Zion, Ill., recently released its sixth CD, "12 Angry Months," a concept album which follows the protagonist for a year after a bitter breakup.

Throughout the collection of songs, Lucas wonders what will become of the valuable records that he once shared with the ex. He asks who in the hell is this BMW-driving man she is dating in the wake of the split, and laments that "only a groupie would ever want to love me."

Lucas has a penchant for angst-filled vocals that may remind listeners of the Nineties all over again. His guitar work, without the aid of a bass, is raw, driving the songs along at a furious pace. 

"I think initially the idea came from a specific breakup and trying to be as honest about that as possible," Lucas said. "And I think what happens is there are certain patterns that you go through over and over in life and other details from other breakups start to come into it."

If there's one thing Local H excels at, Lucas said it's the art of the live performance " a skill the band has reputation for always delivering. Local H will join Andy and Lions for an 8 p.m. Friday show at The Conservatory.

"It's pretty exhilarating to play at that volume," Lucas said. "It kind of like just takes over. You don't even have to think about it." "Bryan Mangieri

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