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Local musician releases soldier-inspired single



At first listen, Felix Linden's single, "Dying to Come Home," sounds like it would be playing in a cabana somewhere in the Caribbean instead of an Army barracks.

With his soft vocals and light-rock sound, a listener might not suspect the deeper meaning of the song. Yet by carefully listening to the lyrics, a sad story about a young soldier's desire to return to his home " and his untimely death " is revealed.

"It's just a song detailing the heartbreaking tragedy of war. It's not really pro-war or anti-war," Linden said. "It's just real heartbreaking to see soldiers dying like that."

Linden hopes to release a full-length album this August entitled "More Than a Memory." According to Linden, each song to him is different.

"I view songs as children. You don't dress them all the same," he said.

Having been part of the Oklahoma City music scene since 1983, he has played in groups like the Street People Reggae Band. These days, one can find him playing every Saturday through July at Joe's Crab Shack, 5940 Northwest Expressway.  "CJ Macklin

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