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Local restaurateurs emphasizing quality over quantity



At many restaurants, portions today are double " and at times triple " what they used to be. However, a few eateries in the metro area are emphasizing the importance of portion control by offering smaller servings.

At Boca Boca, 9610 N. May, owner Sean Cummings said that he has had to pull way back on portions to hold onto his loyal and well-heeled clientele.

"Our clientele is not overweight," Cummings said. "They have to take care of themselves because many are under contract with companies. If they are going to be the image of what they want their company to be, they've got to take care of themselves. They want quality, rather than quantity " the best of the best."

At the recently opened Copia on the Corridor, 326 E. Main in downtown Norman, co-owner Gil Gentry (with Derek Kordeliski) has come to realize that good value, rather than large portions, is where it's at. Many of his loyal customers are fashion- and diet-conscious.

Therefore, Gentry understands that selecting proper portion sizes is part of creating a wonderful dining experience with a range of flavors, tastes and textures. For this chef, elegance is conveyed through restraint.

"In our wine dinners with several courses that we do at Copia, we have tiny servings full of flavor," he said. "And each dish is designed to highlight the flavor " not only complementing each other, but complementing the wine being served, as well." "Carol Smaglinski


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