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Loco over local



The drill remains the same: The following pages include the winners
nominated by you and chosen by you — not us. All we did in the process
was tally votes. Tens of thousands ballots later (excluding the stuffed
ballots that went straight into the recycling bin), the results are
ready for you to celebrate or debate.

But before you do, there’s
one more thing we need to get out of the way: You may have noticed this
year’s contest doesn’t come wrapped in a “thing” theme, such as the
rampaging robots, racing horses or sparring boxers of the past. Instead,
the theme isn’t a who, but a what: the “buy local” movement.

local is a core value of Oklahoma Gazette. True, it can’t be done for
everything, but when you buy local, more of your money stays local. If
you didn’t buy local, this publication would cease to exist. We depend
upon it as much as the shopkeepers and restaurateurs whose
establishments you visit and hopefully patronize.

So keep it up!
When you see them advertise in these pages, support them — and thank
them for supporting Oklahoma Gazette while you’re at it. None of us can
continue to do what we do — making this city more awesome — without each
other’s help and love. —Rod Lott

This year's winners:

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