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Long May She Reign - Ellen Emerson White



Feiwel & Friends

This fourth offering in a series about the daughter of the first woman U.S. president finds 18-year-old Meg Powers, alive "? barely "? following kidnapping by terrorists. She has survived as a result of grim, stubborn tenacity in the face of abuse from the twisted captor who delighted in both her wry humor and hurting her, but not without a few souvenirs: a shattered knee, hand and mind.

Meg's speech brims with compliance, but broiling on the inside is the knowledge her mother would or could not negotiate for her return, the awareness of her still-at-large abductors, agonizing pain and fear "? all of which come to a head as she forces herself out of the safety of the White House to begin college.

At 708 pages, "Long May She Reign" feels way too long, considering its power is in its people, not its plot. More interesting are subtle details revealed along the way, suggesting how her kidnapping has skewed her perception and impacted her family, but these gems are scattered too far and few between to tantalize page-turning by the less-than-committed reader.

The novel suffers from a bit of the ridiculous, too, as when Meg helps out the one reporter who seems to (gasp!) have morals or when one of her dorm mates turns out to have an equally horrific past. But late-teen readers who are already hooked on this series should find something worth rooting for, again.

"?Emily Jerman


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