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Longhorn football follower files suit against restaurant



What's the latest between the Longhorn T-shirt guy claiming the Sooners fan grabbed his cojones? The Texas fan is suing the alleged perpetrator and site of the incident for more than $100,000, The Associated Press reports.

Chicken-Fried News readers may remember that Brian Thomas claims his scrotum was torn last year by Allen Michael Beckett at a Henry Hudsons Pub.

Reminds CFN intern Bucky of a scrum, when players struggle to gain possession of the ball. Wait, that's rugby " not football.

Anyway, Thomas alleges he has suffered "serious, painful and potentially permanent" injuries after Beckett locked onto his loin and wouldn't let go, resulting in 60 stitches, according to AP. Beckett's lawyer and bar witnesses reportedly have given a conflicting account.

"Every bit of the investigation that's been done supports our side of things," Beckett's attorney, Billy Bock, told AP. His client is headed for trial in December on an aggravated assault and battery felony charge.

As for the victim's legal action, the ball is in Oklahoma County District Court, where the lawsuit was filed.

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