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Look: Season 1



The concept of both is that the general populace is unaware of how much of our daily lives is captured on cameras, primarily via surveillance. Using such footage, writer/director Rifkin ("Chillerama") shuffles back and forth through various characters' stories.

Naturally, they tend to be on the naughty side, which is the whole peering-eye, privacy-invading point. Among the many plot lines, we get convenience store employees whose antics are more entertaining than "Clerks," especially when the nauseous homeless guy comes into play; promiscuous high school students who spend much of their monitored classroom time texting and sexting (example: "NICE ROAST BEEF CURTAINS U SKANK"); a group of Middle Eastern mall security guards who live for watching women in the changing rooms; an on-location weatherman hassled by young passersby; and rich bitch Claudia Christian (TV's "Babylon 5"), whom we first meet while she's on all fours, getting waxed. Down there.

Although Rifkin has taken pains to map their stories across 11 half-hour episodes, a viewer can drop in on any and be hooked. The voyeurism feels that authentic. They're easily digested, too, where you can find yourself watching one after the other, but exhaustion will set in. It's best to watch "Look" in several sittings. —Rod Lott

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