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Look what brown can do



According to prostitution-sting site JohnTV, “Mary Ann” is the online alias of Chickasha prostitute Tiffany F. Hawkins, 38, who had previously been charged with a crime relating to her alleged promiscuousness. The site alleges it was Hawkins who posted a bare-breasted selfie from the back of a UPS truck to an internet forum, which included the caption, “Look at my naughty time from yesterday … hehehe.”

Gives new meaning to the phrase “junk in the trunk,” doesn’t it?

But here’s where things get really, uh, sticky: UPS has already contacted JohnTV to obtain the photographs in an attempt to determine the driver of the vehicle through visual evidence and GPS data. So, horny UPS
driver, if you’re reading this, your employer is on to you. Kind of like
Mary Ann, but without the boobs.

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