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Looking for laws



The items on the legislative program, which the council passed unanimously, are first recommended by city department heads to the city manager, who then passes the recommendations on to the council’s legislative committee.

Last year’s agenda items that were eventually passed into law included restoring December city elections in odd years, requiring counties to notify cities about special event permits, and allowing public airports to increase the radius of the nonsmoking zone outside their entrances.

For the upcoming legislative session that begins next February, the city’s legislative agenda include issues of zoning and planning, allowing cities to determine their own standards on smoking in public places, increasing funding for public transit, and supporting the embattled American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

Other goals include lowering height requirements of grass and weeds on properties before allowing the city to mow (from a minimum of 12 inches to 8 inches), restoring the municipal tort cap in the workers’ compensation law, allowing liens on property for unpaid trash or storm water service and allowing police to serve misdemeanor warrants from midnight to 6 a.m.

On the federal level, the city will continue to work to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act (allowing sales tax charges on online purchases), support Tinker Air Force Base, continue grant funding and allow cities to use federal background checks for non-public safety personnel.

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