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Looking for love in OkC



Credit: Brad Gregg

According to a study by finance blog Money Under 30, Oklahoma City is one of the 10 best places in the world (OK, America) for all you young, poor, hopeless romantic types.

Their reasoning? Well, our economy seems to be doing pretty well, with a low cost of living at that. Oh, and our average yearly temperature is 72 degrees! Sure, it’s usually either 112 or 32 degrees for a good 10 out of 12 months, but when you average them, it equals 72!

All attempts at kidding aside, we agree with the report. OKC truly is booming with the youngsters, and our hipster population has grown exponentially over the last few years (you win some, you lose some).
Perhaps the success of the Thunder has even bolstered our city’s appeal.
Or maybe it’s Wayne Coyne’s emergence as a prolific TV pitchman. (OK,
now we’re done kidding.)

it is, the young and single (OK, broke, too) are taking notice of this
fine town. Given the direction things are headed, here’s to making the
top five next year.

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