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Love is all you need



Illustration: Brad Gregg

The measure, which passed the full House and is now in the Senate, would allocate money for a “statewide public service announcement campaign ... promoting marriage as a tool against poverty and targeting all members of the public.”

Funds to pay for the ads would come from those previously set aside for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

dollars that otherwise would help people in actual need instead can go
toward commercials that say, “Hey! Marriage is awesome! Get hitched!”

1908 arrives despite a study by the Center on Budget and Policy
Priorities showing that annual TANF dollars to Oklahoma are steadily
declining, while state needs are not.

passed, the bill would go into effect Nov. 1, just in time for the
holidays. You know, to remind you that you only have a few weeks left to
procure a spouse and avoid another year of chewing microwaved turkey
legs over the kitchen sink.

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